Boutique Aparthotel In Paris

Boutique Aparthotel click here is a great way to find unique finds while traveling to Morocco. It’s a small shop with its own theme of offering only the finest handicrafts and art from all over the world. The store has been running for more than 10 years and has earned a reputation as one of Morocco’s leading arts shops. They offer many items such as bedding, kitchenware, and clothing. Here are some things to do at Boutique Aparthotel.

Boutique Aparthotel

Step inside to see the shop. It’s very open and spacious. There are long tables for browsing and you can see the interior of the boutique through the windows. You can easily walk around and have a look at the goods on display. There are also plenty of displays to choose from. It’s very inspiring to see all the effort that goes into making each piece.

The shop is run by a few locals who have made it their passion to share the craftsmanship of their community. Many of the handicrafts are made right in the community, so you feel good about supporting these artisans. They even offer classes to teach the art to interested individuals. It’s a fun learning experience and you may buy something you’ve never tried before.

When you’re done checking out the boutique, head back to the sidewalk market. This is where you’ll find all your African art. It’s organized by area, so you can easily find something by your topic. From baskets, tools, to sculptures, everything is on sale. Make sure to take a look at the handmade crafts before you make a purchase. You might want to purchase a couple of them to add to your own collection.

Before you leave Boutique Aparthotel, be sure to check out the fountain they have outside. This is truly a wonder, as the water flows down through the center and falls into the fountain. It’s a soothing effect that is definitely a sight to behold. When you visit the boutique, look around the second floor. There are always beautiful tables displaying African textiles and other handicrafts made by the shop’s residents. The quality of work here is impeccable, so you will definitely want to come back.

The boutique is open Sunday through Friday, from noon until four p.m. Come in on Saturday for the early morning yoga class or browse the art gallery before shopping for gifts on Sunday. The merchandise is priced reasonably, so you can pick up a few souvenirs for your friends. It’s truly a fun, affordable, and unique way to travel. Check out Boutique Aparthotel while you’re in Paris.