How to Choose the Best Cat Foods

A well-balanced diet is one of the most important things you can do for your cat. It helps keep them healthy and happy, and can even extend their life span. When selecting a diet, it’s best to take your pet’s age and any specific nutritional needs into consideration. You also want to choose a food that your cat enjoys eating so they’ll be more likely to eat it.

A balanced diet should be high in protein and fat, while being low in carbohydrates. Protein is crucial for building strong muscles and supporting a healthy immune system, while fats are necessary for transporting nutrients to cells, speeding up nerve signal transmissions and acting as a secondary energy source when protein is scarce.

The best cat foods have a balance of animal and plant protein, and contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They’re also rich in essential fatty acids and prebiotics to support digestive health.

You can find the perfect combination of ingredients by looking for one that meets a variety of criteria, including quality, price, and your cat’s unique needs. For example, if your pet has sensitive stomachs, look for a food that is made with easily digestible proteins, wholesome grains, and fiber-rich psyllium-seed husks.

Another way to tell if a food is the best choice for your pet is by asking the vet, who can recommend a kibble that’s right for them based on their breed and age. They can also explain the benefits of different types of nutrition and help you choose a food that is both nutritious and palatable.

Meat is the primary protein in any cat’s diet, so you need to make sure the protein source in the best cat food you choose is high-quality. Fresh de-boned meat and meat meals are a good option, as are meat by-products that have been processed to remove excess water.

Besides meat, you’ll also want to choose a food that’s high in fish. Wild game like salmon, trout, or mackerel are excellent sources of protein and omega fatty acids, which are good for your cat’s heart.

Orijen, a brand from Canada, uses up to 90 percent meat as the first ingredient in their grain-free formulas. In addition to protein, they also include vitamin-packed power greens and a variety of healthy carbohydrates.

Ziwi Peak, a New Zealand-based company, uses 92 percent local meats and fish in their canned products. They’re lower in fat than most commercial products, and their green-lipped mussels provide an extra protein boost.

This is a great option for kittens and senior cats who need extra protein. The company’s canned foods are also high in moisture and easy for your cat to digest.

Nature’s Logic is a brand that’s focused on promoting whole-food nutrition, which means all of the protein and other vital nutrients your cat needs are found in meat, fruits, vegetables, and healthy carbs. All of the company’s ingredients are purchased or approved by the company directly for maximum safety and quality control, so you know they aren’t contaminated. They test all of their cat food recipes at the factory level to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards.