The Origin of Boston and the Arrival of the Irish

Boston, officially the city of Boston, is America’s oldest and largest city and the fifth largest urban area in the entire country. This city is a hub for transportation, finance, culture, media, health care, and technology in the northeast and southwest parts of the state of Massachusetts. Boston is a favorite among the locals and visitors alike because it has a lot to offer not only to its visitors but also to its people. In terms of population, Boston has around three million people that are completely or partially involved in its economy. It is also home to the well known and internationally renowned Boston Red Sox baseball team.


The history of the city can be traced back to the iron age, which is when this city was founded. Boston was known as Marblehead, which is where it is located today. As the colonial Americans were settling in this area, they named it Boston, which is where the first public park for Boston Indians was established. The American revolution happened in this town which gave rise to the present Boston Common, one of the busiest and staunchest cities in America.

As the metropolitan area grew, the city added a lot more skyscrapers which made it a metropolis that now stands in all its glory. The growth of this city has enabled it to acquire the nickname “American City” as it is home to some of the most technologically advanced in industries in America. It is because of this high-tech industry that Boston is now considered as a hub of international business.

Boston is a major role in the economic development of the surrounding region, as it is the focal point of all economic activity in this part of the state. Boston is known for creating a lot of jobs in this part of the country as it is a hub for the technological advancements. In fact, the current economic recession has been coined by the high-tech industry of Massachusetts. All these factors have played a major role in shaping the character of the city and the surrounding region as well.

The city has a major role in terms of tourism in terms of hoteliers. It is a well-known fact that since the year 1996, more than six million people have visited Boston every year. This number includes the people from the entire world. This figure was made possible through the efforts of the local and national level politicians and the Massachusetts general populace. These people have worked together in order to enhance the quality of tourism in Boston and it has given a great boost to the economy of the state. The success of this effort has been measured in terms of the creation of numerous hotels, restaurants, bars and shopping centers all over the city and the surrounding region.

There are many theories that are revolving around the origins of the name ‘Boston’ since the first wave of settlers arrived here. However, the most preferred theories point to Ireland because of the references in Irish songs about ‘boston bark’ and the bardic traditions. This name originated during the last quarter of the eighteenth century, when a ship carrying forty Irish men from Kerry to Boston was wrecked at the edge of the harbour. They were given shelter by an Irish family and named after them. The name has stuck ever since.