Warning! Mail Order Marijuana

Mail order marijuana companies (Moms) dominate the online black market. These illegal companies provide Canadians with excellent options for purchasing the drug on the black market. Customers can buy marijuana from these companies in discreet packaging, usually in brown envelopes with a bar code label. While there is no paperwork involved, the law is being broken and Canadians are unknowingly supporting this behaviour by buying this drug over the counter and using fake identification. In fact, the profits from mail order marijuana companies are used to finance criminal activity.

mail order marijuana

Canadians who purchase via the mail order marijuana are breaking the law and there are many cases filed at the Federal Court of Canada against these individuals. The government does not see this type of activity as wrong; however, they do not have jurisdiction over the illegal industry and the police force do not carry out raids on these companies. Police officers enforce the law and allow criminals to be prosecuted within the jurisdiction in which they reside. Criminal defense lawyers are not able to provide legal assistance to Canadian customers who are violating the law and committing crimes against their country. In most cases, a person is unaware that he or she is breaking the law until arrested and convicted.

Many people are not aware that mail order marijuana companies operate outside of the legal system and cannot produce regulated goods. Since cannabis is not considered illegal, the laws are very different in Canada than the United States. Many Moms are unwittingly supporting the illegal cannabis industry and buying products that will be sent across the border to help them sell drugs to friends and family. The government needs to take immediate action and regulate these companies, but currently there is very little they can do. Until the United Nations steps in and provides some kind of regulation, Canada’s illegal cannabis industry will continue to thrive and contribute to the black market abroad.

As a mom, I am concerned about the growing number of “date rape” stoners on the loose in our country. This phenomenon has reached epidemic proportions and we cannot afford to have our children around this type of behavior. Canadian mail order seed companies make it easier for our moms to protect themselves and our children? Some companies are taking measures and improving their processes so that moms can feel safe shopping online without worrying that their kids are going to get into trouble with the company’s mail-order seed business.

Mommies should not have to be the ones to pick and choose which edibles and oils they want to send to their children. Mail order online companies need to offer parents a way to keep an eye on their teens and protect them from potential danger. There are currently no federal laws governing mail order online businesses and although most of the Canabash Associates stores do not sell concentrated liquids, it is important that all online businesses follow the regulations set down by Health Canada.

Mommies should also realize that the illegal marijuana industry is not going anywhere anytime soon. Although Canadians are beginning to view the trend favorably, they must also realize that the industry is still illegal in the United States. Those who are in the medical profession and work with people on a regular basis know that there are serious concerns that come with this type of drug use. The best advice is still to buy whatever edibles and oils you want to order online in the United States. Although it is perfectly fine to shop online for Canadian mail order cannabis, it is still important that moms stay well informed so that they are aware of the latest news regarding our nation’s newest trend of pot use.