What Is Fire Watch Guards?

Fire Watch Guards are designed to protect you from fire while you are on or near your business property. Many business owners understand the value of protecting your business from loss due to a fire but not all understand the importance of having a trained professional guard on duty at all times. Guarding your property with a trained and licensed professional is the best way to keep your business operating at its full potential in the event of a catastrophe. There are several steps you can take to make sure that your employees and visitors are protected and to increase the chances of your Guard being able to successfully complete your daily patrol without becoming distracted.

Fire watch guards are in place to protect your property by detecting potential fires before they get out of control. Detecting a fire early is one of the most important steps to preventing damage or loss. Fire watch guards are proactive in their search for potential fires. They regularly check for combustible solids and checking the environment for any signs of a fire. Providing constant 24-hour observation and always checking with walkthroughs throughout your commercial property and for possible fire hazards.

Frequently training your fire watch guards to spot dangerous objects and increase the frequency that they check for possible hazards. Training your guards to look for hot oil, lighters, cigarettes, matches, or other potentially dangerous items is a good way to make sure that your buildings safety is kept in top priority. Hot oil contains high temperatures and will easily ignite flammable materials such as paper, wood, or paperboard. Hot lighters can cause fires by releasing high levels of radiation in the air. Inspecting all potential hazards is the best way to make certain that your buildings and properties are keeping free from potential dangers in case a disaster does occur.

Fire watch guards are especially useful on construction sites where there are possibilities of flammable liquids or gas leaking out onto the ground or nearby. Construction workers can be susceptible to these types of hazards, if they do not regularly inspect their work sites. As well, construction sites can experience flooding when water can be trapped under the ground. Water can also be carried through electrical wiring and can easily escape through openings in the wiring. Proper guard protection is important for this reason.

Fire watch guards can be employed to monitor non-emergency security services at commercial businesses. Commercial businesses have the potential to experience theft and vandalism on a regular basis. Security services can be distracted when non-emergency calls are made. Regular patrols can help protect security services and customers from random acts of theft and vandalism. Having security services working around the clock with your company’s permission can help provide you with the extra protection that you need without having to hire additional guards.

Most residential customers prefer to go with an insurance provider that offers added security services. If you are not covered with an insurance policy that includes fire watch guards, you can still get secured by hiring a professional patrol service. You can simply contact a professional company and let them know that you want to install guards at your home. These companies will then contact a professional fire department and get you a quote for guards. Since they are professionals, you can be assured that these guards will be efficient and effective, protecting you and your property.