Your Marquee Wedding on Court at Amberley Gardens

Amberleigh Gardens marquee wedding venue┬ásounds like the title of a bad joke. But “marquee wedding venue” is in fact the name of one of the most beautiful marquees we can find in the world of wedding venues – Amberley Gardens in Bedford. With a clear blank canvas for you to design and create your wedding on, this unique place is a really superb choice for a wedding venue.

The origins of the name are somewhat dubious. One story says that it was named after the Marquee of Amberley, the very first British Marquee. Another story is that it means “Meadow-wood garden”. Whatever the precise story, Amberley Gardens has become a very popular destination for a wedding, and has even won several awards for its style, beauty and overall quality of landscaping.

There are two main parts to Amberley Gardens. One is the historic gardens of the marquee itself, which stretches on to twenty acres of landscaped gardens and parkland. This is definitely the main attraction of the garden. However, Amberley also includes a wide range of smaller parks spread out across the entire grounds. These are perfect for smaller intimate weddings, where you don’t need to worry about the traffic. Plus they’re lovely to look at during a leisurely stroll along the paths of the garden.

Another section of Amberley Gardens is the Market Hall. This is where your ‘fect’ wedding dress will be displayed, to be auctioned off, and where your ‘fect’ husband (or wife) will try his or her hand at some of the more traditional British cooking. The market hall is also where your ‘fect’ guests will be waiting to see what fantastic deals you have on your tables during the reception!

As for the ‘fect’ partners themselves, they’re actually not the main attractions of Amberley Gardens. It’s the gardens themselves that are the focus, and there are plenty of options for seating arrangements. And just in case you’ve forgotten, there’s plenty of open space in the garden to set up a barbecue if you’d like.

The gardens themselves are a charming and picturesque setting for your wedding ceremony. They’ll be a picture perfect setting for photographs and will really make the day memorable for all of the right reasons. Plus, if you’re planning to get married in one of the several restaurants located near by, then you can arrange for your ceremony to start and finish there – meaning that you can spend the morning or afternoon mingling with the wedding party before heading back to the reception venue. Amberley Gardens is definitely the type of place to plan your upcoming wedding.